The General Election Is 2 Weeks Away.  11-8-16.
Policy Positions Articles
1. Bureau of Women's Affair's
​2. Reparations
3. 1 Trillion to our Nation's Schools
​4. Our National Debt
5. Buy America Program
6. Reforming America's Tax Code to Include Interest Payments Again
7. Why are you so popular with the voter?  99% v.1%
8. 50 Million New Jobs (Average)
​9. Why did Hillary get out of going to prison?
10.  Treason
​11.  Reparation Donations
12.  What are you good qualities, Cherunda Fox
13.  Fox v. Clinton The Women Candidates


Bureau of Women Affair's (BOWA)

This is a new federal agency.

      If you have a issue with wage disparity, you can come to BOWA.   They will coordinate all the departments in the federal government necessary to get to the bottom of the issue, Department of Labor, EEOC, FBI, CIA, IRS, Homeland Security, Attorney General, etc. and they will make the necessary referrrals for you and then they will track your progress.  These cases will stay open up to 30 years, the majority of a woman's worklife or child-bearing through college-aged children years.

     You can also come in to have a sex discrimination issue referred.  We will make the appropriate referrals and then we will track and follow-up, coordinating  with our various federal agencies.


We also do divorce relocation services. Divorce affects more than 50% of our population and our failure to address it has given home to Treason and Genocide and Terrorism in Our Great Nation.  We will deal with it now.  We will help divorcees find employment, housing, schools for the children and help with state court hearings requesting permission to remove the children from the State.  We will issue federal child support warrants and will fire any IRS employee who pulls the stops on income tax returns for arrearage or illegally grants a hardship waiver.
 This will save our country from divorce burns based in Treason, Genocide and Traitors.  BOWA will save us the great cost of wars, damage to our 3 branches of government and laws that are more taylored to our enemies interest than ours. The cost to our National Security will decrease and our personal safety will increase dramatically.
Acts of terrorism on American soil will cease to exist as their will be no home given to traitors.

The head of the agency will report directly to the President, me.

 -So any threats to our National Security can be dealt with immediately without delay.   
 -It will also diminish the likelihood that a non-custodial parent will build their new  life with unjust enrichment stolen from our government and delivered through our government (postal service) build on the backs of their existing children to provide for their future children.
 -The rule applies you can only have the children you can actually afford.
 -Stealing from you current children will cost you any future you had planned.
 -American can't afford your Treason against your own seed, our Treasury and our Soveignity.  
Know this when you create your first child,  so there will be no misunderstanding of the United States of America's policy.

BOWA will enforce this policy as long as Divorce is legal in this country and Treason is not.
BOWA is a equal opportunity agency and it will service divorced custodial parent men with these same issues.

That divorced couple fighting in the picture are siblings.  They have been, along with their older sister,  the victims of  a Treason, Genocide and Foreign Traitors in America divorce burn every day of their natural lives in America.  Their fathers, stepmothers and a fake step-grandmother, their friends and families and the Republican and Democrat Party thought they would ruin these children from birth.  If it wasn't for me, they would have.  They wanted to teach innocent newborn babies a lesson their entire life about their parents legal divorce.
 Almost 30 years now.


Only the Bush's/Clinton's could turn a divorce into decades of Treason on American soil.

BOWA will guarantee that a divorce will never lead to treason in America.
The Fox Administration will guarantee...  
It will never happen on American soil again.

The Clinton's could have freed our hands from this Treason and Genocide, 21 years ago,
but they didn't.

The only way out:

1.  If  you use your hands to write my name on the ballot and make me President.

2. If   I  commit the same crimes (Genocide, Treason and Mail, Identity and WelFare Fraud) that was commited against me and America to trigger an investigation.

Since the Clinton's allowed the federal judges to be blown up in Oklahoma when the federal judge in Detroit

The Clinton's created domestic terrorism on American soil.

They let it happen.


Use your hands to write my name in on your ballot on November 8, 2016.

Cherunda Fox
Fox for President 


     A Nationwide Economic Program
The program issues 400,000.00 per person to any person who can prove the had a ancestor that was an involuntary slave in America.

1. 100,000.00 must be used to build or purchase a home. 
2.  100,000.00 must be used to start a business that employs Americans.
3.  100,000.00 must be invested short-term (10 Years )
4.  100,000.00 must be invested long-term (30 years)

Program particpants will no longer be eligible for any form of welfare with the exception of Unemployment and Social Security based previous employment.

Due to the fact that program participants have no investment firms, nationwide construction companies, office supply companies or banks, any person of any race, creed or color who uses their corporation to help participants fulfill program requirements can participate as vendors.

Classes at the Commerce Department, IRS and SEC are required prior to the issuance of any reparations disbursements.

The program will be paid for by illegal aliens at a cost of 400,000.00 per person over a 60 year period.  During at which time they will be issued provisional U.S, Citizen status with supervision,  pending the completion of payments.

This program will solve many issues in our nation.  It will end racism, sexism and terrorism in our society by paying a 150 year old that promotes economic stability, equality and the security of our nation while producing hundreds of millions of jobs from coast to coast in the process.

My motto, "A job in every pot."
1 Trillion to our K-12 Children

I will place 1 Trillion in our schools.   20,000.00 per student.  The upper end public schools only spend 13,000.00.   The cost to the taxpayer, absolutely nothing.  
There will be speciality schools who train doctors. lawyers, accountants, engineers, skilled trades, etc.  with local school board input.  Schools will be able to build million dollar science labs,  hire law professors or whatever is needed. 

Our National Debt

I will pay off our 20 Trillion National Debt by January 2025.  Based on the revenue and the budget we have a substantial amount to place towards the National Debt.  I will make sure it gets eliminated.
This is a program designed to treat the American who purchases from other Americans, keeping our voters employed.  It is a tax credit program.  I purchased  a refrigerator made in America, recently.  I would recieve a tax credit from the federal government for that.  Because you took care of home first, before roaming the globe for your purchases.  Keeping another voter and taxpayer employed is why you are being rewarded.  The economy is first and formost in our country and keeping the middle class employed at a decent wage is my MAIN GOAL.
Reforming the Tax Code
The Fox Administration is bringing back itemized write-offs for automobiles,  credit card interest and second home interest.  We want a prosperous America in every way.
      Regional Minimum Wage
This program was suggested by the pretty Museum lady on Mackinaw Island Michigan in September.   It doesn't cost as much to live in Mackinaw Island as it does in Detroit, New York or Los Angeles so why don't we have Regional Minimum Wages?  The minimum wage is based on the cost of living in your particular city.   It has  3 circles based on the Dept of Labors Cost of Living Index, spiraling back down to the actual minimum wage. I asked her could I use her idea as my own?   She said, "Yes."    It will help the millions of newly reparated job providers provide a living wage for their tens of millions of new employees.
  1.   I call this the image "The Tight Uterus" and "The Blessed Womb" and "The Birth Canal"  and  "Woman"
  without it the human race can't exist.
    I call this the image "The Tight Uterus" and "The Blessed Womb" and "The Birth Canal" and "Woman" without it the human race can't exist.
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  4. Add Your Title Here
    Add Your Title Here
Why are you so popular?
The 99% v. The 1%

     Well, I haven't been out gathering any votes in almost 3 months.    Unplanned monetary emergencies, created by my competition. The 1% doesn't want the 99% to have what it needs.  I am popular because I am the voter. I am the 99%.General Electric is famous for not paying any taxes,  and so am I. It is not because I am rich, quite the opposite.  My Adjusted Gross Income for 2015, if I remember correctly was 6344.00.
My tax bill was 0.

     I tell my electoral college that the race is not over and they can write my name in, in 6 months.  That is how long it is to the election.  They are shocked as the television stations (that I saved by way of the ABC v. Aereo decision) are telling them that it is over and it is nowhere near over.  It is trying to tell the voters what to think and who to vote for because if 1% control the 99%, their wealth stays in tact, if you look at the calendar and think for your self, you know better.  It's kinda like South African apartheid on American soil where 1% controlled 99% of the population.

     The Aereo v. ABC decision that would have given the content of all TV broadcast stations (all of the cable stations were defendants, too)  away for free, just as the citizens,  give the airwaves to the stations, for free. The content is worth billions of dollars and would have bankrupted the stations. I stopped it.  Have you seen me on TV yet?   No.  The 1% is ungrateful.

      Therefore,  based on what you see on TV, you think you don't have a real 3rd choice.  That is very untrue.  There is a real choice with real solutions for the the voter, the 99%, it's me.  I have to rely on word of mouth.  You have to write my name in on your ballot 11-8-16.  I am a independent.  My policies are fair and tailored to the voter, pretty much ignoring the 1%, they way they ignor the 99%,  so my name is spreading like the Canadian wildfire, but TV time is quicker and reaches a wider audience.  They are ungrateful.
      There is a silver lining, the other candidates are begging me for an endorsement that they will NEVER receive.  Please stop asking, you are starting to embarrass me, and yourselves at this point.  No,  is the answer and it won't change.    Something about treason and genocide the 99% don't like, let alone the 28 years, I've suffered,  so far.
The current administration messed that up for anybody, coming after them,  that wanted to make a fool out of me.   Haven't shook my hand, yet.  But, they had SO MUCH FUN.   As I attended an average 3-5 family members funerals each month of their administration.  Trust anybody, ever again?   Don't be silly.

      I will be taking the Presidency for myself.  Thank You, America, especially the 99%.

      The voters deserve the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  Aereo should be overturned as they are blocking me and the truth is , I am ahead with 212 electoral votes  and the other candidates have yet to be nominated.  Won't hear that on the news, or entertainment shows or in any equal time situation.  I am not the 1%'s pick.  I would say racism, but it is worse, it's stupidity on another level, it is like slapping your mother,  or biting the hand that feeds you.

     General Electric also owns a minority share in NBC, free airwaves, no taxes.  I wonder what  else  the voters have given them?  It's called corporate welfare.   Are the executives drug-tested to keep their food stamps?  The companies feel the poor would get together and take the property of the rich.  That's why they limit democracy and only put their candidate on the airwaves.  (free airwaves)  I didn't take the property of the rich in the last 8 years.  I left 4 Trillion in the banks,  ( as Mr. Wonderful who has yet to shake my hand because he  was having so much fun) until after I declared my candidancy and the corporations could safely invest  in October of 2014.  

    Treason and genocide on American soil  for so long makes investors nervous.
    Foreign Nigerian Nationals exempt from Prosecution on American soil?
    If they can take a Citizens family, they can take all of their Wall Street investments.

    Anyway, Wal-Mart is the biggest recipient of corporate welfare.  They recieve money from all 50 states Treasury's and they put it in their business prospectus and shareholder statements, making them the #1corporation in America. No congressional approval needed, just pimp the poor women voters, the 99%.

   All  their goods come from China, they took out every small town that they are near in America and we rewarded them for taking out jobs and General Motors out of 1st place, by paying for our own job and small business losses in America. One Walmart store in Washington will remove 27 Million from the community in the next 20 years. 13 Million in small business economic output and 14 million in lost wages. That was 2014, it's probably more, now.   Gee, could you stick the broom up our butt a little higher, no grease this time,  Hillary?
     The icing on the cake, they rob their employees, give them time off work to apply for welfare and make them work more than a year with on the job injuries that need surgery, prior to approving any benefits for it, union either....yet America's unions flock to her, so she can ax them next? Union membership declined from 25% to 7% since the last time they represented the 1% in Washington.  How do I know?  I was in Walmart and saw young black girl with her arm in a sling and her co-worker, a young white girl,  limping with her foot in a ace bandage and I asked them what happened?  They were obviously in pain.  They told me.

     How did that happen? Her husband sponsored  and signed into law, NAFTA and gave all the union auto manufacturing jobs to Canadian and Mexican workers, but yet the UAW still endorsed her?  Why? Is Mr. Williams insane?   Between all the small businesses Hillary deciminated in small town America so they could send those jobs to China so Wal-Mart could have cheap goods and and our auto manufacturing jobs in Canada, Mexico and let's not forget, Japan.  The Clintons are more Republican than any Republicans I have ever met.  Hillary's dad's party runs through her veins as she pimps the Democrats.

     No wonder it took 10 years to tear down 8 former auto workers homes on my block in Detroit.  They have 6 more to tear down.  The other side of the block will be vacant. They have 2000 rats a piece.  It is not just a theory, as it is to them,  as Hillary carries out the 1%'s need for higher profits and lower worker costs, it is my reality.  I am the one Hillary hurt.  This is personal.   I am the 99%.

      Logically, based on her record of hating on the 99%, she must lose in Nov. 8th to me.
      Trump's losing too,  as the Republicans are proud of discriminating against the 99%.

They told me to pick somebody after I brought them the majorities, a white man, nope, they are the ones who committed treason, blew up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, when the federal judge Feikens in Detroit told them to pay me and set a settlement conference in the expansion of divorce rights. Hi, Joseph ( Jerry) McConnell, Repubican of Conrail, missing a truckload of dynamite? Still protecting my illegal alien Nigerian husband and his entire illegal extended family?   Bet you are.  The Republicans need to be decertified.

      With me and General Electric paying 0 taxes, they and other non-tax paying  American  corporations have shifted the burden of sustaining the entire society unto the rest of the population.  Again, ungrateful.  If a corporation 0's out, a 100,000.00 check should be sent into the Treasury.  They can pay their share of sustaining this society with ease.  I can't.

       There are several reasons why the voters love me.  They understand that the Plutonomy (1%) are creating products for the rich, only care about the next quarters profits, executive salaries and bonuses and put the American worker in competition with the super exploited  worker in China and India,  killing American jobs, while asking these same voters to give them the most precious gift a Democracy has to offer---their vote.   At the same time, they are steadily trying to sway the vote and tell people their are only 2 people running, 6 months out.  That they are your only choice.  They are trying to create an uninformed voter who will make irrational choices against their own best interests.  So, their policies cotinue to drain America's wealth for themselves.  They sell American jobs for profit, but they live right here with us.  Ungrateful.

      The voters I have spoken to in more than 20 States understand that they are being called Precariat Proleriat by the Plutonomy, meaning they now have to live a precarious life in America with no certainty of a job, livable wage, house, car or family, the greatest country in the World, America.  Alan Greenspan's success mantra in America, came from keeping greater worker insecurity.  Sad right?  Ungrateul and unwilling to share with the people who elect them and pay them.  Are we paying for our own demise again?  Seems like a pattern. 

     The privileged and powerful in America don't like Democracy's because it limits the power of the 1% and it gives the power to the 99%.  They can't have that, American Apartheid must be maintined at all times.

      I am not mad at the rich and powerful, but I am winning because the regular average voter is hip to the game of donations to purchase political power with, to later purchase favorable regulation with to keep themselves wealthy.  The voters I spoke with in 20 States know, they are really, really, really smart.  I am verproud of the American voters.  Very pleased with them.  I am a breathe of fresh air for them.
     The voters know about Regulation Capture.   I didn't know until law school, sitting in my wills and trusts, property, constitutional law, corporations, tax law and secured transactions courses.  The regulations are a product of regulation capture. The 1%.  Here's an example:  The Clinton's live in a house in New York, one half is in a trust with Hillary and the other half is in a trust with Bill.  Purpose tax evasion. They live there together. There are no houses in New York in that neighborhood that are physically split in half. They would tear it down, if that was the case,  as these trusts indicate.  CBS made 1.8 billion from those free airwaves that we gave them and they got a income tax refund check of 235 Million, this year.  Mattel paid 0 in taxes, just lke me, and recieved a income tax refund check of 46 Million.

     None of my 212 electoral college voters recieved that kind of income tax refund and they are actual people, according to the 14th Am. not just ficticious, to garner slavery rights for themselves,  having never had relatives that ever seen a plantation as a slave, the greatest cultural misappropriation of this lifetime.   Yes, corporations, like gays, have slavery rights, amazing.  

      I want General Motors as the #1 company in America again?  Why?  I like Mary Barra (great 1st inpression) and they make something tangible in the United States.  They provide good jobs at a livable wage with union protection.  All 50 states won't have to give them anything, that they will never repay or place in their stock prospectus. I have never seen a current employee of General Motors in the welfare office, for any reason.   I want that 10% of our economic value back, the 99% want jobs, the manufacturers want their American markets back, so who is pulling the strings on this one?                                      Japanese markets are still closed to us, effectively.  I have never seen a neighbor go to Metro Airport, catch a plane to Japan for a job in the morning, apologize for WWII and then catch a plane home in the evening?  Have you?  General Motors feed their employees well.
     Wal-Mart straves them and makes them beg at the welfare office, giving new meaning to the working poor, while they add billions to the bottom line.  

     I want American workers to buy American cars so their neighbors can have a job.  I want them to be able to afford their homes and their families.  Why would I sell my own country That's the least I can do, they voted for me and I ACTUALLY RESPECT THEM,  so we don't have to pay them welfare benefits out of our tax dollars while we pay for our own demise by supporting foreign manufacturers. Sound familiar?  There is a theme here.
    Treason, espionage, genocide.  With Hillary's permission, they were in the White House 4-19-95. Never again.   Republican's were with it without anybody ever asking.  Blow up a Federal Building so you don't have to pay a measy 250,000.00 to a black, Am. Indian, married, college educated, law student, mother of a newborn? Who do you think you hustled?  Hate women and mothers do we?  In favor of Nigeria, Japan, Italy, Germany, The African National Congress, Russia,  shall I go on?  The real foreign policy issues.  Me.    That's a hatred of the American Democracy I have never seen, especially when you live in the best neighborhoods and have the finest of everything.  The 1%.


    No foreigner can vote for me or give me a donation, so why are you pleasing them? Shaping ideology are we?  Chinese, Canadian, Mexican or Japanes workers don't vote in America.  Biting the American hand that feeds you,  or outright stabbing them to economic death right in front of their kids, husbands, wives,  and parents?  While you drink champagne and have drivers, what happened to your mini-van you drove to Iowa?
You are 1% and proud, 99% don't really matter, so why pretend?  Wrong.

    I've been rich and I've been poor and I want America's families as close to rich as possible.  And they know it.  The right way, by earning it.  I like America prosperous. There is enough to go around.  Stop lying and saying there is not enough for reparations and then expecting any black person, white financers on Wall Street, Home Builders or Office Supplies person and millions of other merchants, landlords,  real estate agents, mortgage companies, moving companies,  and their employees,  who would benefit from helping implement the program, in all 50 states,  to vote for you.  

     You didn't have Janet Reno punish Jerry McConnell, or deport Charles Idemudia Sr. or Beatrice Thomas for blowing up the federal building. It was OK, because you are racist and ignored the constitution and so reparations are OK,  too. I am baking another American Pie.   

 50 Million New Jobs
     I estimate that the Reparations Economic Program will provide at least 50 Million New Jobs.  An average of 1 Million Per State.  Stocks will increase in value as 8.5 Trillion is invested in our corporations for at least 10 years and possibly 30 if you are good to your new customers.
     1/4 of the Reparations must create jobs an average of 50 Million.  1/4 of the Reparations will go into new Construction or purchase of homes and apartments and /or buildings for the businesses.  2/4 goes directly to Wall Street for a minimum of 10 years.  This program will insure economic growth in our country for at least 30 solid years.

Why did Hillary get out of going to Prison?

So the regular voter can despise her and see her for the crook she is and not vote for her because they would have had to do the time.

Thanks, Barack

 Hillary threatened Barack and Michelle 
with the information on the video I just posted on the Home page.

We are sick of paying  liars and crooks  in our politics.

We are sick of Hillary's corrupt ass.

People who tell the taxpayer there is never enough to meet their needs while they have the finest of everything.

There is enough to go around.

 I am proving it.
Racism and Reparations and Crime should have been solved by now.

It been 150 years.

Barack won't do it neither will Hillary.

It is not in their best interest to solve our problems.

I know how to solve our problems and I will.
Hillary threatened me today.  
She said she wasn't going to pay me.
You are going to lose.
Whatever it takes.

Gee, Hillary that was due 4-28-95.
 I don't expect you to give me anything after 22 years.

As President,
I will write my own check,
you allowed treason and genocide on America soil against me bitch.
3-5 funerals each month for the last 28 years?
How dare you?
While Jerry practiced law every day.  
​You were scared, therefore you can NEVER run America.

America sees and the 99% will respond accordingly, by voting for me.

Thanks Again, Barack.

Hilary and Tim Kaine
I am not that mad at Leroy.
I am still going to give him 400,00.00 from the reparations fund.  
I like Leroy with all his flaws,
so you know Tim and Hillary don't stand a chance bringing Darwin, Poop, Re.
Al and Pam Austin back in my life.  
They committed genocide against me and she thinks it's Ok.
 There is something fundamentally wrong with her thinking.  
Probably because she has never been to jail although she is a notorious crook.  
Look out family, Hillary is depending on someone I divorced 4-8-88, she is sick like that.
 She has a problem with sex organs and
a need to control everyone sex partners. She would rather die and go to hell, than recognize my divorce.
 Darwin Feidel Williams was born 10-12-59 and he is in Jackson Correctional Facilities,
in Jackson Michigan for retail fraud until next year. His prisioner number is 377956. Minimum sentence is 2 years and 4 months and the maximum sentence is 7 years and 6 months.
She said Darwin is ready for me.
 I divorced him crazy bitch, then you let him murder everyone in my family,
remember, racist  sexist bitch.  
The last person on Earth I want is the husband
who spilled his seed on Monica Lewinsky's
dres after I told him he could have sex, but no babies.
He can never work again as a lawyer, because of it.
 The entire family lacks any honesty. Liars one and all.
Ooops that's your doormat ass.  
Ha ha... It's still funny.
 She is using LA Custom Towing and LaVince Marks, Jr.  The old crew.
It is a new day.
You'll see.
17 Trillion in Reparations were approved for the Fox Administration.
Your share 400,000.00?  If so you should donate.
Is your share 8.5 Trillion for 10 years?  If so, you should donate.
Is your share several hundred million for hrlping implement the program requirements,if so, you should donate.
Fox for President 2016

Reparations and Donations
Reparations are a National Economic Program

It is a program that benefits the participants as well as anyone who helps the participants fulfill their program requirements.  Wall Street will have use of 8.5 Trillion for a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of 30 years.  Income that will grow our American Corporations and our economy.  Decendants of slaves if married with 1 child will have 1.2 million at their disposal to complete the program requirements with.  This will virtually end racism, sexism, poverty and incarceration in this community, freeing our safety net and our need for safety in America quite a bit. There will be no dead economic zones in America and this one program alone will provide 35 to 70 million jobs.
My program needs support.  I need donations to continue to campaign and purchase ads nationwide. People would write my name in if they knew it.  Help me help America into a better life and times.  Go to or and donate whatever you can up to 5400.00 per person.  Don't waste your time and money and vote for a candidate who won't invest in you

​Fox for President
What are you good qualities, Cherunda Fox?
I can fix any problem that you have.  That's my gift.  I consider myself a person who can triumph over any situation in this lifetime.  I learned this skill when I was on my own from 11 to 18.  I believe I should be celebrated for the life skills I acquired that allowed me to keep a roof over my head, clothe and feed myself, way before I was supposed to.

I managed to acquire summer school tuition so I could graduate early.

           I didn't know how to cook, clean or wash clothes, but I taught myself over the years.  

I went to school and was in the top 10% of my class, without anyone to come to parent teacher conferences for me.  
  I got a co-op job when I was 15, at school, recieved class credits and a little cash.
                                                                                                                                                                                I paid lights, gas, phone. water and taxes for 7 years.

 I graduated from High School in 2 1/2 years.

I enrolled myself in college and found a full-time job within a week of graduation.

My father was a milllionaire so I couldn't falsify the FAFSA.
He and his wife wouldn't help me because I wouldn't sleep with him. 

 I paid cash each semester with a payment plan.

I had from the beginning of each semester to the end to pay off my tuition bill,
or else I couldn't register for the next semester.

Hint, hint, Malia Obama.
 I paid off my parents mortgage, right on schedule when I was 17.  
I had enough college credits to start with the State at 18.

I passed out welfare to families with up to 4 generations of welfare cases.
That's how I met Beatrice Thomas, my dad's last wife?
She is 2 years younger than me.
She and her grandmother were my clients, after her mom didn't want her,
 while her great-grandmother was alive.
4 generations.

I was a woman's civil  rights leader at 11.
I am proud that I did not compromise my stance on insest.
That made my life hard
with the unbelievable amount of women
in my father's life
who were with him due to the incest
that I refused.
Had I had sex with him, he would have raised me until I was 18.
I just couldn't.
I made it in spite of my parent's illegal acts toward me.
I am very proud of being able to navigate an impossible situation.
I can help anybody in America with their situations.
I am going to help the 99% up to where we should be
if we had politicans who cared about 
their constituents.  
I have stamina and resolve that would break the average person.  
I am proud of my accomplishments.  
I want you to be proud of them too.
This kind of determination is rare.
Something that needs celebration.
Not many people can do it.
With a healthy respect for anyone who respects me.  It happened to me, so I know how to solve it.  Someone saw my fortitude and decide treason was the only way to break it.  I think not.
 It is the centerpiece of this campaign. 
Removing famous politicans who are traitors against the United States.
That's what I bring to the table,
  • along with:

  1. 35 to 70 Million new jobs 
  2. 8.5 Trillion in investments for Wall-Street
  3. Buy America Programs
​Revitalization of the American Auto Industry
Urban Farming
Regional Minimum Wages
400,000.00 in Reparations for former slaves
Paying off 16 Trillion of the National Debt
Adding 1 Trillion to Our Nation's K-12 classrooms
Revitalizing the Rust Belt
Virtually Eliminating Crime by Blacks in America
Fixing Our Criminal Justice System
Increasing Home Ownership
 Increasing the Manufacture of Goods in the United States
Changing our Economy back to a Goods Oriented Economy
Initiate Aggressive Policies Eliminating Racism and Sexism In America
Being Honest as long as National Security Is Not An Issue
Hold the World Accountable for Their Part In the Treason
 Achieve Full Employment 
Fix Our Safety Nets
Tweek The 1st Amendment's Bias Coverage
End the Postal Service Financing of Treason in Our Country
Making sure Parents can Provide for their Children
Guaranteeing Investment in America Corporations that Provide American Jobs.
That's just for starters.

Any bad qualities:  Urinary tract Infections , is not a bad quality but a health issue.
     Any Solutions:   My Ob/Gyn is my Vice-President.  That should solve that issue.

Humans aren't perfect,
but I am not a crook, or a racist and I have the American voters interests at heart.
I am very honest.  
I won't lead you on. I won't mislead you.
Don't let my inept competition lead you astray.
By trying to define me by my health in one hateful word.
They have no policies for you.
You get nothing for your vote, other than their happiness, as usual. 
They are jealous.
 Look at all the good.
 Before you judge me.
I have been training for this job since I was 11.
Any problem you have, I can solve it.
I am here for you the voter
 no special interests groups or lobbyists allowed.
Let's get to it.
Fox for President 2016

​Let's Look Inside The Womb
Fox v. Clinton
  The Women Candidates

Fox is the winner hands down.
Fox's health is treatable, their is no cure for Hillary's Parkinson's.
Fox's policies put the American voter first, Hillary's polices put the 1% first.  
 Fox answers only to the voters, Hillary answers only to the 1%.


Reparations that Invest in the American Worker
Fox says YES, Hillary says No. 
Fox wants the American voter happy, the 99%.
Hillary needs to send your jobs overseas to please the 1%.

Foreign Policy
Maine registered voters are sleeping on the ground, while non-citizen Somali's are walking around them with 600,000.00 of the citizens money in their pockets.
Fox says No, Hillary said Yes as Secretary of State.

Voting Rights
Hillary is intimidating and threatening voters into voting for her. Fox is a woman whose family suffered incredibly through genocide murders  and treason on American soil the Clinton allowed foreigners to commit against Fox in violation of the 14th Am.
Fox genuinely cares for Americans.  Hillary pimps Americans, 45 Million so far.
Fox wants Americans to vote for the person who will do something for them.
Hillary stole from  these voters by giving jobs away to Canada and Mexico through NAFTA, so all she has to offer is threats.
Fox wants voting rights exercised, Hillary illegally intimidates voters.

Fox's programs don't cost the American taxpayer 1 thin dime.
Hillary's programs come with a heafty tax increase to the American taxpayer.

Fox's programs increase employment at a minimum by 125 million from reparations.
(Small Business and 30, 40, 50, and 60 dollar @ hour jobs) 
Hillary doesn't know how to create jobs through fairness.

Women's Rights
Fox doesn't discriminate against women.
 Hillary discriminates against Fox racially and sexually.
 Hillary makes party members go against their own interests in reparations.
Fox created the Federal Bureau of Women's Affairs (BOWA) to combat defacto sex discrimination.
Hillary violates her attorney oath to uphold the Constitution by discriminating against women.

Regional Minimum Wages
It costs more to live in new York than it does in Mackinaw Island, Michigan.
I will have the Commerce and Labor Departments Institute Regional Minimum Wages based on the Cost of Living in that Area.
Thanks, Pretty Museum Lady.

United States Treaties With The American Indian Tribes

I will personally read every treaty ever signed with the Indian Nations of America. I am looking to see if the United States kept their promises in a offer, acceptance and  consideration, contractual way.

Hispanic Leadership Program

With Hispanic Women leading the population growth in America.  I want to train their children in leadership of America.  In 27 years, Hispanics will be the majority in this country and I want them to be ready.  I will head the program and train a few children personally myself.

Buy America Program
Commerce Department Incentive Program to stimulate and promote American made Goods.
Americans will recieve a rebate with their yearly tax return for buying American products and keeping their neighbors employed and off of welfare.

1 Trillion to the Schools
  I am placing 1 Trillion in the schools, 20,000.00 per student and all teacher expenditures on students will be 100% reimbursed. No cost to the taxpayer.
Not 1 thin dime.

The 1st Amendment
The freedom of the press.  The Press in America is racist in violation of the 14th Am.  Content will be free,  just like the airwaves are.  Avereo v. ABC will be reversed.  The press is trying to elect a white President, while clearly I am the best choice, although I am not white.  

The Supreme Court
My appointee is a Hispanic/Italian Michigan Graduate from New York.  She is 31 years old. No politics, no history, only beholden to the voters of America.

I have many more great policies.

Well, we can stop here.  
My policies cream Hillary totally.  
This is a Job.
She is entitled.
 I am hungry.
 I will deliver for you.
I am you, the 99%.
She will deliver for the 1% against you. 
She doesn't care about the Am. Indians, Hispanic, Public Schools, or Your Jobs, Your Unions, Your Bank Account Balance, Just hers is all that matters.

The only person that should vote for Hillary in America is Hillary.

Everybody else, come with me.  I will take good care of you.

Fox for President 2016